If We Can’t Source It, We’ll Make It

3D printed nostril grill
3D printed nostril grill

Here at Californian Classics, we appreciate how niche this is as a speciality, and that some parts are especially more difficult to source than others. Particularly for older models, sometimes reconditioned parts can come at quite a hefty price. To make it easier to meet demand as well as making you guys – and your wallets – happier, we saw that as an area for potential.

We recently got hold of three 3D printers and a lot of filament, and are currently making our way through parts and products that are otherwise difficult to source. We are designing them to an identical factory standard, and finding the best ways to reproduce them. We’ve now perfected the 55-59 model nostril grill fly screens to a tee, and they’ll be available to buy on the website very shortly.

As well as 3D printing Karmann Ghia parts, we have also plasma-cut and power-coated some 59-70 model dash fresh air vent covers, completely in-house, and are constantly seeking new ways of offering revolutionary methods for you and your resto.


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