How to make sure your Karmann Ghia is ready for Winter

Our cars are our pride and joy. We put a lot of TLC into keeping them in tip-top shape, so when the cold weather rolls around, it’s only normal that we want to take special precautions.

There are some measures you can take for your Karmann Ghia so that by the time spring rolls in and the sun shows its face, you’ll be ready to drive again.

Change Oil

Old oil can be a breeding ground for corrosion, and can, when left, cause damage to the engine. So before you put your car away to hibernate, it’s a good idea to change out the old oil for fresh, and to change the filters too.

It’s also a good idea to add fuel stabiliser as well before putting your Karmann Ghia away.

Otherwise, just leave it empty.

Clean car

Using a high-pressure jet wash will ensure you can clean corrosive dirt and grime out of every awkward nook and cranny.

Treat chrome with chrome polish or vaseline, and wash, dry and polish car with a quality wax.

Take your pride and joy for one last drive afterwards to get rid of any lingering moisture.


If you can crank a window open – just enough to keep any lingering moisture out, but not so much that it allows small animals and bugs in – do that. Also, if there are any obvious openings – i.e. your car’s tailpipe – then try and plug those to prevent mice from nesting there over the cold winter months.

Silica gel is also a fantastic and inexpensive resource for moisture-proofing your interior.

Brake care

To prevent your car’s brake pads from sticking, it’s a good idea to keep the handbrake off throughout the winter. If possible, secure the wheels and ensure it’s on an even surface to prevent it from rolling by its own volition – and give your brakes a break.

Tyre Care

Cars are supposed to be used, so when they go dormant for a few months, it can cause flat spots on the tyres. To prevent this, roll the car back and forth in place occasionally. As well as this, consider raising your car onto some blocks to take away some of the pressure from your tyres.

Before you put your car into hibernation, it’s advisable to slightly overinflate the tyres, by about 10 PSI.


This one is a given, but before putting your Karmann Ghia to bed for the winter, ensure that it is tucked away in a safe and secure place. The last thing you want is the chance of vandalism or outright theft. If you don’t have a secure garage or storage container, take out the steering wheel or the battery if need be, and ensure it’s wedged in well enough that no greedy bypassers can move it.

If you have valuable wheels, either get a lock for them, or remove the wheels completely.

Cover it up!

You want to make sure that you invest in a good car cover. As well as looking for moisture resistance, you need to make sure that you purchase a cover that allows ample air circulation beneath. Without air circulation, condensation can get trapped against the paintwork and, ultimately, do your car more harm.

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