Should you get an MOT on your classic aircooled VW?

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Here in the UK, according to official government guidelines: “You do not need to get an MOT if the vehicle was built or first registered more than 40 years ago” [and] “no ‘substantial changes’ have been made to the vehicle in the last 30 years, for example replacing the chassis, body, axles or engine to change the way the vehicle works.”

While the Karmann Ghia is exempt, as are many aircooled VWs, it’s still good practice to check that everything is in safe working order.

The benefit of setting a budget aside for classic car servicing is that it will ensure the longevity of your car, and save money in the long-run.

As with modern cars, there is a hefty charge of £2500 and 3 penalty points for using a car in dangerous condition. So it’s definitely worth it to check.

How often should a Karmann Ghia be serviced?

A good rule of thumb for servicing classic cars is either at every 3000 miles or once a year. This is because older cars are much more susceptible to rust, wear and tear, and technical faults. These problems might not always be obvious, but they have the potential to be dangerous or expensive.

Keeping on top of it will prevent that.

How much maintenance does a Karmann Ghia need?

That really depends on several different factors. How often do you drive it? What are the road conditions like where you live? Climate conditions? If you live on the coast, for example, your car will be far more susceptible to rust. Likewise, if the road conditions in your area are poor, depending on how often you drive, you might need to take extra care.

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