Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Gearbox Codes

The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia shares the same gearbox as the Volkswagen Beetle, located at the rear of the car, directly in front of the engine. This gearbox is securely supported by rubber mounts both at the front and rear.

Towards the front of the gearbox, you’ll find a single mount connecting the car’s chassis to the gearbox’s nosecone. At the rear of the gearbox, on both sides of the bell-housing, two additional rubber mounts are situated. This design ensures stability and smooth operation for your vehicle.

The VW Karmann Ghia featured two distinct gearbox styles. Before 1970, these classic cars were equipped with Swing Axle gearboxes, while later models were outfitted with IRS gearboxes.

The Swing Axle gearboxes were initially paired with either the 1200cc or 1300cc engine. However, in August 1970, coinciding with the introduction of the more powerful 1600cc engine, the advanced IRS gearbox was introduced. Additionally, starting from this year, a Semi-Automatic gearbox became an optional extra for those seeking added convenience and versatility in their driving experience.

Gearbox Codes for the VW Karmann Ghia

Gearbox Code Model Final Drive Notes
AA 1200cc 4.375 Swing Axle
AB 1300cc 4.375 Swing Axle
AN 1600cc 3.875 IRS 08/1970>
AO 1600cc 4.125 IRS 08/1970>
AR 1600cc 3.875 IRS with LSD 08/1970>
AS 1600cc 3.875 From 03/1972>
BG 1600cc 4.125 Semi automatic 08/1970>
BH 1300cc 4.125 Semi auto 08/1970> with LSD