VSCC Winter Driving Tests at Bicester Heritage

It was VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) Winter Driving Tests at Bicester Heritage last weekend – and one of our very own apprentices, Jack, had the opportunity to take part!
Competing in a Ford Model A in the midst of the wintery fog, we just know he’s smashed it 💪
We have had the pleasure of working alongside The Heritage Skills Academy, helping them to deliver their “Heritage Engineering Apprenticeships” which specialise in classic vehicles and historic motor racing.
The academy brings together experts from across the Heritage Restoration Industry who are committed to teaching the skills required to preserve and restore our automotive heritage. They now have over 100 apprentices employed across the UK in 85 specialist employers.
We currently have two apprentices from Heritage who have grown to become spectacular members of our workshop team. Having the opportunity to allow them to hone their skills on the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia means that we can continue to preserve this special car. The knowledge that they are receiving the most meticulous education is a huge driving force in our partnership with Heritage, and we know that it will only continue to grow from here.

We’re incredibly proud our apprentices, like Jack — and we recognise the importance of preserving automotive heritage through the sharing of passion, knowledge, and historical methods.

Training younger generations will ensure that this side of our collective history is not lost. 🙌🙌🙌

Head here for more information on who The Heritage Skills Academy are, as well as the courses offered.