Karmann Ghia Engine Lid Script 65-74 ?>

Karmann Ghia Engine Lid Script 65-74

Enhance your 1965-74 Karmann Ghia with a good quality rear decklid emblem script badge .

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Enhance your 1965-74 Karmann Ghia with a good quality rear decklid emblem script badge .

New Old Stock (NOS)
New original items produced by Volkswagen and old shelf stock often hard to find trim parts etc that are hard to obtain and no longer produced other than reproductions ( the holy grail and sometimes expensive but the best of the best)

Original Equipment Supplier (OE) or german quality
Produced by the original supplier of the parts to Volkswagen such as Bosch or Hella, not NOS as still produced but the best option for items still prioduced.

Items no longer available that are reproduced elseware, mostly these days Reproduction items are of a decent quality but there are still some parts that are of a lesser than original quality if in doubt ask...

we also carry many used and restored or unrestored items for customers requiring original parts that are not available or NOS is too expensive or even the reproduction quality is poor. Also some customers restoring "patina cars" may prefer used as new parts on this kind of build stand out like a sore thumb!

Large Engine Lid Script -1955-59
Large Engine Lid Script -1955-59 Part Number: 141853905NEW

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“Approaching the parts business with the mindset of a classic car enthusiast doesn’t always make for an easy life. Our aim is to share our love for classic cars, experience, knowledge and expertise to help our customers find the finest parts, engines and accessories to restore or improve their classic Karmann Ghia”

– Pete, Founder and MD

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