1957 Lowlight Karmann Ghia

I have had this car for several years.The Ghia was worked on by another local contractor prior to us starting on it!  The work was unfortunately done to a very poor standard and therefore has been completely redone by ourselves.  3/4 inch of filler on the rear deck between the engine lid and the decklid is not acceptable in any standards so we removed all of the filler

  There was a lot of other work that would need to be replaced and re done too!  The brief was to go from project to Showcar in 70 days.  We spoke to the team and all of them decided we could achieve it alongside working on customer builds.

The body needed a new nose as the previous repair work was shocking, the nose template shows just how far out it was. The door fit was appalling and we had to remove loads of material from the a panels, the door skin on the rhs and the b pillar, along with re fitting the sills too!  The gutters where rebuilt, the rear valence was needed to be removable and had been poorly done previously so our Fabrication Team  re worked the whole area and reskinned the LHS door. The bonnet decklid and doors where all properly gapped before final fabrication work was completed and the body was handed over to our Paint Manager Duncan.

Duncan and his team put in the long hours to get the body perfect . The shell was painted with the original colour of Antelope Brown and a special blend of our own with a little bit of metal flake added for the roof. 

This car can be purchased or our Team can build you a car to this standard either stock or custom. Please call us or email for further information. 

The  chassis was stripped down and all of the sound deadening material that had been applied over a rusty floor pan to make it seem solid was removed. 


our fabrication team removed all the rusty steel from the floors and replaced with new sections after some re working of the pressings had been carried out.

New gearbox mounts were fitted and roll cage installed, then the front beam gearbox and brakes were fitted, before the body was fitted up.

 We had many modifications to carry out to the Bad Brakes braking system from Airkweld as it simply didn’t fit  “out of the box”. Still we modified, adjusted and overcame all the issues thrown up to get the chassis and brakes to function correctly.

This is a beautiful Lowlight looking for its new owner which is ready to go and enjoy for the new season. 

It has won many awards including gaining a place in top 20 place at Spa Francochamp last Summer. 

The car has a full magazine feature in Volksworld December 2018 it is a very well known car with lots of little one off modifications 

If you however would prefer a different colour or style, we can build you a bespoke car to this standard either stock or wild. Please call us or email for further information. 


.The engine and transmission are seriously special!  The engine is  a 2276cc normally aspirated monster the carbs are modified 48 IDA Weber’s, genuine Italian ones!  The heads are ported and polished the cam is a FK89 and we are running straight cut gears.  The exhaust is a Turbo Thomas Sebring style system.



We can build you a car to this standard either stock or wild. Please call us or email for further information.

Dave Champion  our trimmer fitted a new beige cloth headliner, the seats were re trimmed in brown corduroy and vinyl with brown piping as a nod to the original factory interior along with matching door cards. The carpet set was from Dave at Spirit interiors.

The look has been completed with a complement of quality parts including gauges from ISP West, a Gene Berg shifter, Formula steering wheel, seat belts by Crow and a set of our Race trim seats retrimmed by Dave along with our Ghia roll cage. All of these parts are in stock and are available to purchase from our website. 






We can build you a car to this standard either stock or wild. Please call us or email for further information.


“Approaching the parts business with the mindset of a classic car enthusiast doesn’t always make for an easy life. Our aim is to share our love for classic cars, experience, knowledge and expertise to help our customers find the finest parts, engines and accessories to restore or improve their classic Karmann Ghia”

– Pete, Founder and MD


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