Arrans Vert

Arrans vert came to us with a fairly nice looking paint job and a damaged nose cone amongst other things, however it was a real mutton dressed as lamb car as on closer inspection it was very apparent that it had been dressed to sell,  you could see daylight through both sides of the rear seat area of the car and there was plenty of obvious fibreglass matting throughout.  Couple that with the entire body flexing when the doors opened (a sure sign of horrors beneath the sills). So we agreed a restoration package and got to work.

The chassis was stripped and restore to better than new with all new suspension, bushes, shocks and brakes

The engine was replaced with a more peppy 2210 cc unit and a rebuilt gearbox , twin carbs nd a tuck away exhaust mean arran won't be dawdling around


we sell performance engines and gearboxes built to order

Interior was bespoke built to arrans requirements and I am sure you will agree this little Vert will be a stunner


we can restore a ghia to your spec, you supply the base car or chose one from our ever changing stock call for further details 


“Approaching the parts business with the mindset of a classic car enthusiast doesn’t always make for an easy life. Our aim is to share our love for classic cars, experience, knowledge and expertise to help our customers find the finest parts, engines and accessories to restore or improve their classic Karmann Ghia”

– Pete, Founder and MD


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