Utilising a mixture of both traditional and modern techniques, our skilled fabrication team can reproduce any part of the body or chassis to exacting specifications.

Original equipment such as English Wheels and bead rollers, through to modern equipment like our CNC plasma table and top-specification welding equipment are used to achieve this.

Where panel repairs are needed, we painstakingly integrate them into the vehicle to ensure the look and feel of the car using original welding techniques and lead loading to conserve and maintain originality where possible.

All cars restored by Californian Classics undergo the same fastidious treatment. This process begins with the car being fully disassembled, then the car is media blasted prior to hand-over to our fabrication team.

We use the best quality repair panels available, and also manufacture parts that are no longer available. This ensures that the body work of your car is as good as the day it left the factory.

We charge a standard hourly rate of £62.50 per hour, plus VAT